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Welcome to the first iteration of the Museum of Captured Light.

Everything begins somewhere, and what you’re going to see ‘began’ sometime in 1979 and exists, almost like the original images, in the ‘space’ that is your mind.

It’s taken over 2 decades to be able to ‘show’ these slices of time, hues and patterns which were originally 20 feet by 40 feet. What I captured in dark theater on slow Fujichrome and Kodachrome film with an analog Canon F1 was generated by a laserist spinning out non-laboratory, ‘jissereau’, laser imagery from an argon-krypton laser.
What … another ‘Museum’?  Why a Museum of Captured Light?  For one thing there is no other institution that has this specific image base as the core resource.  Not to mention the focus on pattern, color and light.

We will use the power of the Unreal Engine by Epic and cloud technologies to bring our metaversal experience to life on every platform. If you would like to learn more and stay informed of exhibitions and such on the site, please be sure to utilize the contact form below. 

For corporate sponsorship, memberships or donations then please click here to contact the Executive Director, Lydia Clark.

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