What … another ‘Museum’?  Why a Museum of Captured Light?  For one thing there is no other institution that has this specific image base as the core resource.  Not to mention the focus on pattern, color and light.

          How Carl Lewis accomplished in 1979 ‘live’ with an analog camera and still film what in today’s world has been programmed, tweaked and packaged is ‘??????’.  Unfortunately in the commercialization of a unique technological event the essence and effect of the imagery became trite.  Mr. Lewis’ observations he believed to be the nexus of color studies and pattern recognition theory, a springboard to positively affecting humans.

          With the new AR/VR technology and the vintage and iterative images from imajBanq  we can create more interactive educational experience.  We believe this formula makes events like learning accessible through the innovative concept and contemporary tools.    


Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision 

         The Mission of the Museum of Captured Light is to provide the public with fresh imagery, contemporary techniques and new ideas to fuel creativity.

          We envision a world where people of all socio-economic backgrounds have access to the newest, freshest ideas in art.

Technology Behind the Museum

*coming soon*