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Captured laser images by renowned artist, Djinn nee Carl Lewis

16 Feb 2022 - 16 Feb 2030

How Carl Lewis accomplished in 1979 ‘live’ with an analog camera and still film what in today’s world has been programmed, tweaked and packaged is ‘??????’.  Unfortunately in the commercialization of a unique technological event the essence and effect of the imagery became trite.  Mr. Lewis’ observations he believed to be the nexus of color studies and pattern recognition theory, a springboard to positively affecting humans.

With the new AR/VR technology and the vintage and iterative images from imajBanq  we can create more interactive educational experience.  We believe this formula makes events like learning accessible through the innovative concept and contemporary tools.

Mr. Lewis work is represented in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Art Houston, Amon Carter Museum, and Brooklyn Museum, and referenced in Deborah Willis’
‘ Reflections in Black’. His oeuvre can be viewed at www.imajinnation.net with the latest creations residing at the Virtual and In Real Life Gallery. 2022 will see a host of fresh imagery being produced by Mr. Lewis as he, in collaboration with SeannLewiscom, LLC and Lenape Creative Group, dives into the world of virtuReal and immersive art, don’t blink ’cause if you’re waiting on him, you’re backing up.

Click here to see the exhibition in the museum.

  • Date: 16 Feb 2022 - 16 Feb 2030